Surgical Waiting + Public Lobby

 Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital                                                                            1 Robert Wood Johnson Pl                                                                                                            New Brunswick, NJ 08901                                                                                                     



As a part of the larger Ambi Infill Expansion and Renovation, this waiting and public lobby is one of the first spaces patients and families experience when arriving at the RWJBH New Brunswick campus. The space has a presence from both the interior and exterior, allowing the design team an opportunity to make a statement. Linear decorative panels frame the main elevators, and draw attention to the information desk as they wrap the ceiling into the 2-story space. Linear windows, lighting and Corian carved panels reinforce the language. 
Waiting pods throughout the large open space provide families with the semi-private space they desire while waiting for loved ones in surgery. A range of seating options are provided from touchdown to plush lounge, all with immediate access to power and data.

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