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by Herb Ritts



Herb Ritts is among the foremost international fashion, celebrity and fine art photographers today: he is considered to be in the same league as Annie Liebowitz and Bruce Weber. His work is extensively published in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Interview, and Rolling Stone. The images created by Ritts have invaded pop culture. Compared with that of other international celebrity photographers, Ritts's work is arguably more sumptuous and less contrived. This large, handsomely self-covered book contains 120 beautifully reproduced duotone portraits (including three 8-page gatefolds) of a diversity of today's personalities, from Merce Cunningham to Magic Johnson, from Stephen Hawkins to Cher. Often, clothing makes the image: witness Michelle Pfieffer's Clark Gable get-up, Julia Roberts in wet men's underwear, Michael Jackson's hi-tech spacesuit, and, of course, a bare-breasted Madonna. Many of the shots are immediately recognizable because of their use in Vanity Fair, Interview, and Rolling Stone , magazines Ritts contributes to often. With the extraordinary talent on display in this latest work, Ritts has become as notable, if not notorious, as his subjects. Highly recommended for popular culture or photography collections.


Conversation | Healthcare

Healthcare Conversation


Let's talk a little about "Humanizing Diagnostic + Procedure Spaces in Hospitals"

Two of our designers recently attended the NeoCon seminar Humanizing Diagnostic + procedure Spaces in Hospitals.  This course was presented by a panel of Chicago based Architects; Dr. Rada Doytcheva [RADA Architects], Marsha Spencer [Stantec Architecture], and Mimi Troy [Troy Architects].  The driving force of their presentation was to spark designers to think critically about the impact that diagnostic and procedural spaces have on overall patient experience.  There was particular focus on the use of lighting, natural elements and finish selections to diminish the intimidating impression that these types of spaces often evoke.  The panel engaged the audience to inquire about personal and professional experiences that might highlight pain points in regard to these issues.  These discussions brought further attention to areas that are often ignored or neglected, with emphasis on transition areas and patient path of travel.  The panel also showcased their own work to illustrate how they have been implementing these tactics.  Examples included wayfinding and space planning that begin to blur boundaries between clinical and respite areas, as well as lighted art instillations that mimic natural elements and thoughtful attention to the connection between finish palette and end user.  Engaging with other leading designers who work to elevate our design thinking is always a beneficial and inspiring experience.

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Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence is a book by the founders of IDEO Tom Kelley + David Kelley. This book focuses on unleashing the creativity that lies within all of us. It also stresses that creative thinking is not just for those of us  that are artist or designers but is a valued way of thinking for everyone.

This book has inspired creative thinkers to look at things more holistically. Using Human centered design to lead to break-through innovations in all differnt fields. While also reinforces the importance of having empathy toward your target audience by taking the time to understand their needs not just your creative vision.  


Conversation | Nemours Gardens

Nemours Mansion + Garden

Wilmington, Delaware

Nemours Mansion & Gardens is one of Wilmington's most treasured historic landmarks.  The Mansion is as well preserved as it is exquisite.  The Gardens are beautifully manicured.  The history is so well documented, you feel as if you stepped back in time

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Deep Ellum Texas


Dallas, Texas

This month one of our designers visited Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Deep Ellum was established in 1873 in an area east of downtown Dallas as a residential and commercial neighborhood. Its claim to fame has always been its music. By the 1920s, the neighborhood had become a hotbed for early jazz and blues musicians. Deep Ellum is also home to many art-based businesses, including photographers, tattoo artists, gallery owners, recording studios, and graphic designers. 

Manahawkin Mall Cafe


DCC and Kore Design Architecture, worked in partnership with Atlantic Care Regional Medical Center and Aegis Property Group, for the new Manahawkin Mall Café design located within the system’s new health center in Manahawkin, NJ.  The café will highlight a servery offering coffee and light fare options for visitors and associates within the building.  The design was conceptualized to complement surrounding architectural elements and landmark it's location for ease of wayfinding.  The finishes selected are reminiscent of days at the beach with ocean jewel tones and wood details that bring the elements of nature into the built environment. 

Construction on the café is scheduled for completion in the next couple months.  The design team implemented a collaborative team delivery process to plan, design and deliver construction documents within a matter of weeks. 

Mini Masters

Annual Mini       Masters Event

Last week we attended the 6th Annual Mini Masters event hosted by Kershner Office Furniture.  Our team also entered the "Par Tee" Golf Shoe Design Contest.  Well done and fun event! 

NEOCON East 2016



NEOCON East 2016

Our design team saw some great products and caught up with some of our favorite reps at NEOCON East in Philly last week.

Today we celebrate!

One year ago I ventured down an unexpected and enduring journey to start something truly special. Today, along with my team, we celebrate with a simple Thank You.  

Thank you to our amazing clients,

Thank you to our friends, colleagues and partners.

Most importantly, thank you to our families, who have supported the effort behind growing a firm we love and believe in.

We look forward to each and everyday moving forward.  From new exciting partnerships to a new creative office space. We are truly grateful and have learned a lot over the last year, but closest to our hearts is always take the road less traveled and never let fear get in the way.  

Inspire. Engage. Transform.

-- Nicole Cocolin 

D is for Dedicated




At DCC, dedication to our clients is something we pride ourselves on. When stock photography wasn't hitting the mark for a current project our designer went out on a photo shoot to capture the perfect shot. Featuring local historic landmarks was a concept the design team and client felt was integral to the design, so DCC took a field trip.

We believe design is in the details...taking the time to create spaces that resonate with the local community is our mission. We cant wait to honor this landmark with a mural on digitally printed wall covering.


In Construction



OR Finish Upgrades

Robert Wood Johnson University-Barnabas Hospital OR finish upgrades in New Brunswick, New Jersey are close to completion. Designed by DCC Design Group, these three OR's dedicated to general and spinal procedures are built to withstand the demands of an OR environment. Stay tuned for final images. 

Core Pavilion ICU | Renderings



Check out our latest renderings for a ICU we are currently designing at Robert Wood Johnson University-Barnabas Hospital. We are excited to finish up documentation and see this project come to life.