Women's + Infants Pavilion | Christiana Care Hospital


A transformation in delivering care...

After embarking on the design of a new Women’s and Infants Pavilion that would transform the method in which Christiana Care would provide care to women and children in the surrounding community, CCHS partnered with our design team, to assure that the experience of the new building’s interior spaces aligned with the CCHS brand and the facility’s vision.

 The new pavilion will be eight stories high and house all private rooms, including a NICU floor featuring private rooms with sleep-in space for families. In addition to providing high-quality care, it was important to the facility to provide an exceptional experience to all patients, family members and staff. The team worked to review and redesign focal areas throughout the building, giving special attention to the Main Lobby, as it is the first and last impression of the building, “Celebration Hall” a space families exit thru with their new additions and Nurse/Teaming Stations on each floor.

Design revisions included, revised paint schemes, flooring, casework finishes and focal millwork detailing, along with new monumental graphics for each floor that promote way-finding. The final approved design reinforced the goal of exceptional experiences and the CCHS brand, while working in conjunction with the already powerful building design.


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