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In addition to interiors (branding and project management), our firm strives to promote creative living. It is important for us to not only feature our projects and work, but the creative community that inspires. Our curious staff is a never-ending source of inspiration. Below are some recommendations and adventures that have recently inspired us. We also aspire to be a integral part of not only the design community but our local community by getting involved. Read through some of our current newsstand features.


Weekly Staff Picks | JEN

Herb Ritts is among the foremost international fashion, celebrity and fine art photographers today: he is considered to be in the same league as Annie Liebowitz and Bruce Weber. His work is extensively published in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Interview, and Rolling Stone. The images created by Ritts have invaded pop culture. Compared with that of other international celebrity photographers, Ritts's work is arguably more sumptuous and less contrived.

Project Highlights

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CONVERSATION | Healthcare 

Two of our designers recently attended the NeoCon seminar Humanizing Diagnostic + procedure Spaces in Hospitals.  This course was presented by a panel of Chicago based Architects; Dr. Rada Doytcheva [RADA Architects], Marsha Spencer [Stantec Architecture], and Mimi Troy [Troy Architects].  The driving force of their presentation was to spark designers to think critically about the impact that diagnostic and procedural spaces have on overall patient experience. 

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Current Projects | Manahawkin Mall Cafe

The Manahawkin Mall Cafe is days away from being completed. Check back soon for finishes images of this space. 

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