About Us

We are a Planning & Interior Design firm, offering diverse design services for Healthcare, Commercial and Institutional environments.  We are proud to operate as a truly collective studio and are 100% woman owned and operated, providing professional design services from master planning through construction administration.  Our services are as collective as our studio, from full service design and documentation to furniture specifications, facility design standards, programming, test-fits, brand packaging and so on.

Within our studio, boundaries are diminished and titles are put aside, as we believe knowledge sharing and communication are key to successful and progressive designs.  Our team is comprised of designers and project managers that have spent over ten years in “big firms” and now offer that experience with a small firm personal touch and approach. 

Our firm’s commitment to the client relationship is unwavering.  Close involvement from our studio leaders on each and every project, no matter how small, echoes that commitment.  We also believe that the simple practice of actively listening to our client’s operational and design needs is priceless.  We understand there is much more to design then the final finish and understand the importance of function, business objectives, budget, technology and the client’s brand.

Design is in the details and we are experts in those details.

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