With over 11 years of experience in the field, Gisela Macias loves designing healthcare spaces. She understands that families, patients, and staff spend long periods of time and dedicated hours in healthcare facilities. Her dedicate to her craft stems from her believe that people should be surrounded by a space and the resources that will help or comfort them. Inspired by nature, travel, and her family, Gisela draws her creativity towards seamless transitions, patient comfort, technology implementation, and operational function.

Having graduated from Philadelphia University, Gisela’s skills have grown exponentially from her years of work. She went into architecture and design because she believes spaces can be unique to the people. Most importantly, she believes that the created spaces affect the people within them, their emotions and feelings. Designing healthcare spaces is a creative challenge for her and she thrives in fast-paced environments where she can build spaces that ease the people in them.

In her off hours, Gisela is spending time with her family. When not sitting at soccer, basketball games, or dance classes, she is traveling with her family to Boston, Philadelphia, South Carolina, or abroad. Inspiration is in the adventure.