Interior design requires adaptability and learning, similar to any other profession. Broadening perspectives and building up new experiences, guarantees a development of relevance in any industry. Luckily, with the help of fellow businesses, representatives, and like-minded professionals expanding a designer’s knowledgebase became easier. DCC Design Group employee and Project Manager Elizabeth Petitdemange was recently given the opportunity to learn and spend time with Wilsonart and Fessenden Hall learning about continuity, finish applications, and customization. All of these elements are key values to DCC Design Group, and play important roles in designing a healthcare or patient space.

In recent years environment impact, sustainability and consistency have been a big discussion in the production of supplies. More people are looking for items of durability and long-term capability. Wilsonart’s proactive process and forward thinking offers products for designers and other distributors that meets this need. Withstanding use and ware, reducing waste while still ensuring a timeless appearance brings invaluable elements to any designed space. Similarly, DCC measures continuity not just in consistency of an operation, but of its function. Evaluating material’s functionality and solutions for seamless application, enables our team to be knowledgeable and innovative designers.

Wilsonart’s finish selections among their various product lines allow designers to further consider the human experience within the environment. Our five senses are built upon visual factors, as well as tangible. Luckily, high-pressure laminate has resin material surfaces that provides durability and protect. While texture and sheen of surface material is an important factor from a visual standpoint, surface texture can be a subconscious factor in the environment that people navigate. Collectively DCC’s design intent encapsulates all the visual and textural components to a palette. Our designs often integrate texture in millwork, artwork/visual features, wall applications, furniture, and more. DCC utilizes all components of design, such as finish, to foster an experience of overall health and wellness.

A way all production lines are building up their business is by allowing for more customization. Wilsonart is at the forefront in developing client specific requests. Wilsonart and DCC engage in design solutions that have unique characteristics. Wilsonart’s graphics team and virtual library are important assets for designers to achieve individualized designs. DCC ultimately works to relate custom and unique experiences that elude back to and correlate with health system standards. We navigate this process through concept development, research, and gathering user information, providing options that will best suit the client’s needs. Customization allows for familiarity and consistency in design, while also enabling designers to progress a brand forward, modernizing design overtime.

These three concepts of continuity, finish, and customization are important components for DCC and Wilsonart. As an integral part of design development, seeing these concepts from Wilsonart’s perspective was a fantastic experience. Thank you to Wilsonart for showing DCC your headquarters and facilities for production, as well as Ralph Wilson’s former home that demonstrates foundational laminate application and the evolution modern design techniques. Collaboration and continuing education builds up the foundation for new ideas, or conceptualizing future designs. DCC’s approach adapts with the support and innovation offered by industry representative, to progress forward our company’s mission to foster health and wellness and pushing the boundaries for successful environments.